good wow power leveling website

Because wow power leveling are all Leveling is yourself, instead of looking the under company, so they are very professional, fast and cheap.

Warcraft 5.3 PVE 516 ride a single proof 10h forth tips to share(II)

Now let's continue to tell you about the 516 ride a single proof 10h forth tips to share,hope these would help you if you are interesting to do this.

Blizzard blue post about a copy of the elastic model of explanation:friendly and challenage

Today, blizzard is elastic on the problems and feedback made a summary.You can just have a look here :)

World of warcraft patch 5.4 new mount preview of daqo and guide

For those who are collecting addiction players, this is good news. 5.4 patch against pet with cap on the number to 1000, you know, the panda mystery since the launch, to join in the game more than 100 new combat pets, no doubt, patch 5.4 will not disappoint pet lovers.

Greg Street interview: 5.4 is not clear the courage trial or into random threshold

Today,we will introduce a interview from Greg street about Test field maybe a random threshold. What do you think about that ?

Developers talks world of warcraft: patch 5.4 career change(I)

Here, I'm going to each profession in patch 5.4, to explain the reason behind the changes of a. If you still don't know what are the changes, you can see first showed by test server patch 5.4 familiar with. This article will revolve around the above display changes to give detailed explanation

Developers talks world of warcraft: patch 5.4 career change(II)

Yesterday,we have told you something about Death Knight and Druid these two career change in patch 5.4,today let's continue to tell the rest career.

Developers talks world of warcraft: patch 5.4 career change(III)

Now let's continue to tell you these two career:Monk and Paladin,if you are this profession,just have a look now!

Revelation of azeroth:11 Secret unknown place of WoW

For a long time, players can always find interesting Easter eggs in the game. Blizzard has always been such as pop culture, mysterious puzzle and interesting metaphor into the world of warcraft. Let's lead everyone to find out, even their mysterious veil.

Revelation of azeroth 11 Secret unknown place of WoW(II)

We have introduced three places of azeroth,we will continue to tell you the secret place of azeroth in WoW today.Now let's just have a look these amazing places!

Blizzard friends website developers interview summary

Blizzard friends website developers interview summary: resolution of 5.4 Last week, many developer blizzard friends stand all did MOP5.4 interview, today let's collect some developers'idea about WoW to the media.

Blizzard blue stick: RPPM class items in the opening of the trigger mechanism changes again

"We felt that we will all triggered effects and cooling ability pile used in PvE combat becomes widespread, this brought bad influence to the entire game experience. For those who have multiple RPPM trigger mechanism of the membership of the items, the beginning of a battle has become too important. It is affecting the selection of equipment, and for those who are unable to make the fullest use of these mechanisms is a kind of punishment, we don't want to fight so team operation.
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