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Understanding And Applying Damage In TERA

What is denying damage? We already know that Tera is a highly situational game. Imagine this, you're a sorcerer and you're playing corsair. The enemy team sends 15 people at the gate and you happen to be there and fireblast them all with energy stars on you. So whats that? its let's say that you hit 10 with the normal hit and 5 with crit, 35k x10, and 80k x5. 350k+400k = 750k damage from one sorcerer for one button press. What would happen if an archer were to hit him with rapid fire? Yeah, he'd stagger him and he'd deny 750k damage on his team. We are your friendly source for cheap Tera online gold, with this present, you won't have to wait for so long to gather all the gold that you need to purchase.




Put it in other words, the offense is the best defense. In Tera damage can be so huge and abundant that you literally have no way to actually tank all of it, this is where the term denying damage comes in! This is also the reason why lancers and warriors are so popular, they can easily deny damage while doing damage and even if their burst isn't so big their DPS is still the highest in the game (sustained DPS / throughout the arena match). A stun is denying damage, a knockdown is denying damage, a stagger is denying damage. Denying damage is necessary for the arena or your healer will get overwhelmed and you'll lose, it won't even be his fault.


In a team of sorcerer+berserker, the berserker will be knocking down the majority of the game because sorcerer has nothing to deny damage with (except magma bomb) and if their team doesn't have enough deny damage vs a good team they'll just get crushed under the pressure. The best class for denying damage is probably lancer, followed by a warrior, slayer +-=berserker, archer, sorcerer. If you use ur common sense here you'll see why, lancer because they have the best staggers in the game, leash, shield bash, wallop and most important pledge of protection (which is not denying damage the way I'm talking about but is still reducing the incoming damage). 


Warrior would go second because of the amount of stuns and staggers they have and so on and so on. Focusing a DPS class is mostly done so the DPS class is prevented from just dishing out the countless amount of crits in your back and not because the DPS is squishy. In terms of kill speed it's not even effective to hit a DPS, its much better to just kill the healer instead since a good healer and a good DPS can live a long time, however, people focus DPS in order to deny the incoming *potential* damage from them.


>> Understanding and applying damage? ~ Damage is damage but says warriors need stuns and back crits for damage, they can't really do good damage otherwise.. and what happens if you meet a good healer? He just cleanses all your stuff instantly and you get frustrated, however, there's a backdoor for this. Even if most of the damage is done during stuns in this game. The back door is called stagger (and knockdowns to some extent), you can't cleanse stagger and while there are anti-stagger and anti-knockdown skills, they don't last forever and are pretty much a luxury. 


You can easily hit everything during staggers and you should learn to stagger for your teammates and use your teammates' staggers. What I mean by this is using your charged arrow or void pulse or thunder strike on your lancer's shield barrage's stagger. Its much better if you can damage during stuns but it's not always reliable, stagger and knockdowns might be much shorter but they are at least reliable and when you get better those short windows are enough for you.


>> Knockdowns! ~ knockdowns are way too many in this game and way too overpowered, friggin everyone can kd even healers. Knockdowns are super effective against pressure and every damage you get during a knockdown is sort of free damage. The most important thing to know about knockdowns is that they turn the enemy with face towards you. They turn the knocked down player B with face towards player A. 


You need to learn to exploit this, defensive as in - jump to take face damage from someone instead back damage or knockdown the enemy with back towards your DD so he can do more damage. Stacking knockdowns is one of the most efficient ways to kill healers as well. Unlike staggers, knockdowns can stack and work together and are overall annoying and op~ If you see someone without retaliate you should jump on the KD wagon and kd him to oblivion.