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Developers talks world of warcraft: patch 5.4 career change(V)

Okay,we will introduce the last two careers to you now,Warlock and Warrior ,just have a look here!



Due to the mystery of the "panda is introduced when the warlock has experienced many changes, we are in a lot of changes on the rest of the time, so we are not going to make too much in the 5.4 patch. And before reducing balance druids, shadow priests, and the hunter damage reduction skill, we weaken the evil armor. We can enhance the evil fire damage, but removed it sustained damage effect; Because this effect in PvE will only have a negative impact, we just let the direct damage. For pain specialization, we will be more damage to damage, and not rely too much on disaster's grasp. Spells disaster's grip is a very good, we also like through the guide to improve the method of continuous damage; But we think a lot of damage has been away from the sustained damage, this will affect the pain specialization in PvP, and affect their mobility. We at the same time by removing glyphs and initial damage to simplify the exchange mechanism of the soul. For the destruction of specialization, we reduced the ashes produced by rain of fire, let him not in the damage reincarnation of the monomer proportion of too much. We let all warlocks can learn howl of fear, because we think warlocks have lost a lot of fear based control skills.

Warlock talent of the biggest challenges the group that will be the class of 90, most of the warlock will choose kj yells cunning (then for moving too slowly, and keep my head ached copy). We move in addition to the movement impairing effects, but reduces the influence of the spell. This talent should promote action at the same time, let the role can keep moving. We strengthened the fury of mannoroth, let it in the scope of the reinforced area effect spells at the same time, enhance their ability to harm; We also joined the cooling time, so the warlock can to control when to use. We think of archimonde's revenge as a damage reduction skill is really hard to balance, so we have to redesign, naming the talent so that it can better help the dark soul of skills. (even in the absence of mobile damage or ranged damage in combat, talent or to retain its appeal.



Soldiers most of the changes is to to increase the scope of protection warrior damage, improve weapon damage effect and chop chop, and game problems in PvP. Strengthen blood and thunder can benefit the weapons and protection at the same time. Anger and changes the ultimatum to make critical strike a more useful properties, can provide more protection warrior damage and damage reduction. We don't expect prot warrior to accumulate crit, come from the main properties and group buffs, they should be able to get a lot of, it also provides the possibility of property and equipment using high crit. Like the death knight, prevent wars will also get's ability to fight back, so that the temple mount attributes have their place to dodge.

For the weapon specialization, we reduced the cost of the thunderclap, strengthened the sweeping strikes, and slam has the capacity to arrange chop chop. We think fury specialization in general does not need to be changed, but we have modified the animation system. Now they can use dual wield weapons of long handle. In PvP, we reduced the cost of the cataclastic throwing, to defend and strikers can remove movement impairing effects, remove from hamstring public cooling, cooling time and reduces the switch stances. We also removed the shield wall and spell reflect the demand of the need to equip shields, but on the picture, even if it did not equip shields, still there will be a corresponding picture.


Okay,that is all careers changes,is that good for you?Hope you can for now we make changes have a deeply understanding of. I know that sometimes players feel like developers in punish them, but our main goal is to help all people more pleasurable games.you also can buy wow powerleveling here,and hope you also can receive great service from us,have a good time!