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Blizzard's designers: the future of warcraft PvP will adopt matching mechanism

Today,we will tell you a news from Blizzard's designers about WOW PvP maby adopt Matching Mechanism,so what do you think about this?Just share it with us.

Duplicate copy 

Elastic difficulty should be open and common difficulty copy.Library caron shaman dark suit will be flexible, normal and heroic difficulty siege auge rema copy of drop models, this suit has been used on NPC, so this is for the shaman players a cool gift, we will continue this way in the future.

In order to prevent the achievement points, only the think it is necessary to do under the condition of separation, separation will only 10 people and the achievements of 25 people.Lightning throne copies of personal ability request is higher than in the past, especially in the battle of similar Raytheon, the future we will continue the design direction.Thunder and fire equipment is to stabilize a raid 25 players, and prevent the players feel forced to 25 man raid.

A copy of the general difficulty and scenario campaign is the good candidate for the application of flexible technology, but the ordinary combat than elastic difficulty rhythm is more compact, so temporarily can't make any promises.

Future Plan

From now on to the next expansion between, there are many kinds of content and activity, but the patch number is uncertain.Blizzard is still making new role models, some of the time there will be more information in the future.

Players of limited storage space issues will be resolved in patch 5.4, but it's still in the schedule of the future.If the developer skills to deal with inflation problem, you on the skills of binding keys and rarely used those skills is the primary target.Annual fee to subscribe to open another temporarily not in the plan, but there are still some possible.Small decorative glyphs was welcome and that the future will be more, at the same time also can increase the glyphs slot.Can not use the plug-in and the function of the third party website on forming a wild group is worth to join in future patches.

Reward is too rigid and exciting enough, especially rare items, and quest rewards, this is the place where the future developers will focus on.

Patch AD may join the game itself in future patches, but have some work to do before then, announcements of the patch is to stimulate the player's interest in patches, so compared with CG it more like an advertising the expansion, so the final results will have some differences.

Large server

Server is in order to solve the problem of spirits, not to solve the problem of big clothing faction imbalance, but anyway, in the process of integration of the spirits, camp balance issue will be considered as possible.Large server will soon after patch 5.4 online live-fire, similar cross-server map live-fire timetable.Special achievements, the future is unlikely to have any server list, BBS and so on.

Patch 5.4 / past

Before the end of the mop expansion, subprime diablo iii will be good luck charm and the spirit of peace will not change to pass binding.Eternal island is the basis of the future to create a repeatable game content developers.Remove decent group set out, this makes the game in the world have more and more angry.

Another optional method to solve the PVP suit is more through the equipment level to differentiate between the players, players will be equipped with a similar level of players.


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