• [News] Path Of Exile Updates Bestiary On PC Console [03/05/2018]
    Grinding Gear Games have launched a new free add-on for their action-RPG Path of Exile. The update is called Bestiary and is available on PC, the version for Xbox One will appear next week.
  • [News] POE: Bestiary Will Be Accessible To Brand New Players [03/01/2018]
    War for the Atlas, as the previous update for Path of Exile, and it got a great success. In November 2017, yet here we are with Bestiary packed full of content. The Bestiary expansion marks their first for 2018. Path of Exile succeeds in drawing new players in while keeping things fresh for seasoned veterans. Notably, Bestiary's challenge league will include a Pokemon-esque capturing system comprised of different types of nets. U4GM is the first place to go, visit the official website here.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Awards Of Bestiary League [02/28/2018]
    Thanks to the Bestiary League, which will begin in the action / RPG Path of Exile on March 2, people will have the opportunity to perform 40 challenges to obtain exclusive microtransactions.
  • [News] Bestiary Challenge League In Path Of Exile [02/23/2018]
    Bestiary will be available on March 2, 2018 on PC and on Xbox One one week later. The update includes the new Bestiary Challenge League, where players compete to capture and capture the nearly 300 most dangerous Beasts that have overgrowthed in Wraeclast and sacrificed to create all kinds of items.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Has Been Working To Improve Graphics [02/09/2018]
    Now, through the official videogame forum we have been able to know that they have been working to improve the graphics of Path of Exile, "one of our graphic programmers, has been working on some experimental visual improvements for Path of Exile.
  • [News] Path Of Exile: The In-game Shop Offers Only Cosmetic Items [02/08/2018]
    In Path of Exile, it's a known fact that there is no fixed currency in the game. If you want to acquire items, this is only in exchange with items that you already own. With unrivaled character customization, Path of Exile is an award-winning online Action RPG created by hardcore gamers, for hardcore gamers. This game's team are working hard leading up to the announcement of content update 3.2.0, and we're sure that you're eager to know its details, click for source.
  • [News] POE: The Scion Can't Be Unlocked Until The Very End Of The Game [02/05/2018]
    To be honest, I have been playing Path of Exile for a long time now and one thing I always tell new people is to not be scared of messing up a character. The loot system is such that good end game currency drops at all points of the game so just progressing will make you richer in a way that gold in other games never accomplishes. You may ask: what is the best class in this game? How to buy exalted orbs at easiest way? You may have many questions for this game, don't worry, follow me.
  • [News] Cheap PoE Orbs Online For Hot Sale At U4GM [02/05/2018]
    PoE Orbs is considered one of the most coveted virtual things in the world. It’s becoming an ordinary recognized truth amongst Path of Exile which a lot of players have the utmost interest in purchasing PoE Orbs.
  • [News] We Continue With Other Path Of Exile Tricks That Will Help You Improve [01/31/2018]
    In Path of Exile, these are all the classes of the game: duelist, temper, witch, ranger, marauder, shadow and scion. Of the seven available character class, six start blocked, so you do not have much choice. When it comes to skill system, once you understand the system, you will love the game even more. If you have any useful tips to share, or you have any questions to ask, leave in the comments and click here to know more.
  • [News] U4GM Provides Widely-used Payment To Pay For PoE Items Order [01/31/2018]
    Path of Exile players, we all know that waiting means sacrifice in games. You surely do not want to lose the opportunity of getting big rewards or leveling up because of lacking PoE Orbs. Buy cheap PoE Orbs from U4GM, we will deliver your orbs really fast so that you won't miss anything in Path of Exile.
  • [News] POE: The Work Done By Grinding Gear Games Has Been Very Good [01/26/2018]
    It has been several months since Path of Exile reached Xbox One. There is no excuse to stop trying one of the best role-playing games you can find, which is only available on Xbox One console and, this is the best, is a fair free to play. Exploration and looting are the fundamental elements of the gameplay while, with our character, we are destroying any enemy that puts us ahead. I would love to see games being accessible to everyone whether you are deaf, blind, have limited mobility and more. Further official news and a wealth of information, see more at here.
  • [News] U4GM Has Been Focusing On PoE Currency Trading [01/25/2018]
    Established in 2010, U4GM has been focusing on MMORPG game service like Path of Exile. We are committed to outstanding customer services to provide our customers with exceptional prices and news that can provide game news and game guide.
  • [News] What's New In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind [03/11/2017]
    According to the announcement of ESO, the upcoming Morrowind in The Elder Scrolls Online is different from the events of The Elder Scrolls III. Recently, ESO post an article to explain the differences between the old Vvardenfell and the new one.
  • [News] Albion & Don't Miss Chance To Get Holiday Items [01/14/2017]
    With regard to the cities of Albion, clearly, it has already successfully gotten rid of their holiday decoration, now that the shops are clearing out their event stock, on top of that, Uncle Frost is getting ready to retreat for another year. Why so many players are willing to buy cheap albion gold.
  • [News] Albion Recap: Gatherer Equipment And More Changes [01/14/2017]
    Albion online, in 2016, made awfully interesting changes, and map also looks feels better, in addition, landmarks, hotspots as well as random respawns are good additions too. arguably, when it comes to essence mobs, it probably be an interesting alternative.
  • [News] Albion: Unveiled A New Land Anction System [12/30/2016]
    In order to prevent a constant blockade of building plots, in addition, for the purpose of give players joining Albion Online later a fair chance at owning a desirable building space, in accordance to Sandbox Interactive, a new system is introduced, which is the land auction system as well as changed how land is acquired and kept in the world of Albion Online.
  • [News] Albion Online Beta: It Will Be Postponed To 2017 [12/30/2016]
    Sandbox Interactive developed Albion Online, which is a buy to play medieval MMO, Wherein it's a classless cross platform MMORPG, what's more, it will be in possession of unlimited possibilities. Guilds can engage in PVP for control of the world in aross 800 different territories. You can't be control of your desire to buy cheap albion online silver?
  • [News] Dofus Touch Class Picking Tips & Tricks [12/29/2016]
    The game gave a lot of options as there are all 15 active classes in game. Here are some tips you should noticed when you choosing your class.
  • [News] World of Warcraft Legacy Server Project is Live [12/19/2016]
    December 17th is launch day for the Elysium Project and old Nostalrius accounts have been moved over for users who opted in to transfer accounts via a special token system. In the past few days, a total of 79,376 accounts have been moved to the new Elysium servers.
  • [News] World Of Warcraft: The Nostalrius Server Will Return [12/16/2016]
    The World of Warcraft legacy private server will relaunch later this month. The World of Warcraft Nostalrius private server will launch under a new name, Elysium. Users can register, log in, and play for free using the client software provided on those private servers.
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